The race’s true progressive

Rinaldo writes on wealth inequality.

” I am running for state senator as a Bernie Sanders progressive. Whenever you hear Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or I speak at length, our speeches invariably start on the subject of wealth disparity. It is the first issue on Sanders’ website. By contrast, I have never heard my two Democratic opponents use the term ‘wealth disparity,’ ‘wealth inequality,’ or otherwise significantly address the topic.”


A visit from a secular Buddhist

“Buddha, in fact, said, ‘But if there is no other world and there is no fruit and ripening of actions well done or ill, then here and now in this life I shall be free from hostility, affliction, and anxiety, and I shall live happily.'”

Rinaldo Del Gallo writes about Stephen Batchelor, an author that visited the Pittsfield Unitarian Church. Batchelor is a “secular Buddhist” meaning that he practices the Buddhist path but is agnostic about the nature of the after-life experience.